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April 10, 2006



Praying hard. Even though it's been rainy, it's still california--gotta be warmer than NY.


I love that rice-grain heartbeat! So glad you saw it, and still praying hard for you. Have a wonderful time with your family.


Praise the Lord! Have a good trip, and I'm still praying!


That's great news!

Take care on your trip.


Yay!!! Fabulous news. Have a good trip!


I'm THRILLED for you, friend! I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Much love to you all!

Salome Ellen

Still praying -- and grinning from ear to ear!!! :-)))) May your trip be relaxing and hassle-free.

Sandi P.

So wonderful to read that everything is seemingly well with the peanut.

Have a wonderful visit with your family, sweetie! :)


Fantastic news! Have a great flight and I look forward to much more good news.

God Bless you! Enjoy your time with your family and celebrating the Resurrection!

Sending hugs.

la gringa

What great news!!!! Enjoy your time in California.

Jen H.

Hooray for the peanut! Such fabulous news! Have a great trip and a relaxing visit with the family, and take care of yourself - hopefully you can just lounge about on the sofa and grow that baby. :D


YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. This feels good. I can't wait until you can stop wearing caution all of the time. Spring is here and you need a new color!


Yay! Congrats!

Jennifer S

Wonderful!! I am so happy for you! =D



If you are checking in, give me a call - would love to see the newly pregnant, holding a real heartbeat you! xo, Brooke


Cried when I read this. So happy for you.


Laura K.

Excellent news indeed!!!!!

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