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April 25, 2006



Yay! I have been waiting all day to see your news and hoping it would continue to be good. I am so happy for you!

Are you planning to deliver with Dr. R or will you be looking into alternative birth options too? I know you've done a lot of researching in the past... just curious as to what your plans are. But mostly I am just so ecstatic that you've got a healthy babe growing in there! Yay, baby! :D



la gringa

great news!


Really great news. Was thinking of you the other day since I've been blog absent and wondering how you've been. Sorry for the stressful stuff. *hugs*

Really glad all is progressing along fine. Sending you some good wishes and hope you are enjoying some of the nice weather this week.

Kathy - Mom to Seth & Taryn

I am so happy everything is still okay. I so do hope the clot shrunk that would be awesome.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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