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January 31, 2005


Jennifer S

Girl, I was JUST where you are myself last week! I took 4 HPT's- all negative. AF showed up over a WEEK late!! =p

Anyway, you ARE doing the right thing by waiting. I know I wasted a ton of money by testing incessantly (and, as it turns out, unnecessarily)! Hang in there- I know it's hard. TRUST me, I know!




:) I remember being where you are... numerous times. I'd wait to test til after cd 32 since you know that you started that late before.

That being said, I know how you're ready to add Shookie v.2 and well, I am praying that your attempts pay off soon!

Hugs to you!


I just started reading your blog-- I love it since I am a California girl (central coast) and have always DREAMED about living in New York. I have an (almost) 2 year old. We just found out that we are pregnant (again) after almost seven months of trying. I totally thought that this was NOT the month. I even took two tests when I could first test that turned out negative-- then low and behold it turns out that I am pregnant. So exciting! I say wait as long as you can because (speaking from experience) it is sooo disappointing to get a negative test and then a week later find out it's positive. Take care, and keep us posted.


Hello?!??! I am dying to know here..... Are you? Have you tested? Okay, I will slink away for now and check back later.

Have a great day!

Hugs to you, dear.

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