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May 17, 2005



It is too fun when they start talking so much and their minds start figuring out things like different friends have different names....

Makes me smile and remember times when my kids would say silly things - oh wait, that happens every day!


ha ha ha "YOUR DAD" Too funny! Elle calls me "Nino" when she's really trying to get my attention. I secretly love it. :)


How funny. I remember when William started using our names. Brett was on his way to work and I said "Goodbye honey". William then said "Goodbye....Breeeeetttt" and started laughing. We of course started asking what everyone's names were and he knew them all (Nana, Grandma, Papa, Mine). It was great.

I also ran into a woman at the grocery store. There was a cute 4 year old in her cart. The little girl exclaimed "Hi, I'm Amber and this is Shelley". The woman said "well I used to be called mom"-lol.

Keep the Shookie-ism's coming.

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