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March 02, 2006


Sandi P.

Hi Rebekah. Glad to know that the procedural went relatively well, and that you didn't have any problems during or afterwards; but so sorry that T turned a little "green". He was probably more embarassed than anything, right?

Anyway...still keeping you in my prayers in this road of seeking the Shookie a sibling. ;)


Poor T!! I'm glad he made it through and you were fine through it all. It can be so stressful. It reminds me of when we were in a class to learn how to give shots for IVF. Bill practiced on the orange a few times, as did the other men in the room. Then it was time to shoot me. I stood up, leaned against the table, and told him to imagine a big red target on my butt. That did him in. He had to leave the room. Poor guy! He was the only man in the room who had to leave! Like you, I laughed my head off. I think the other men were so relieved it wasn't them lol.

Thanks for the pics of the b-day party. He's growing so fast!! Too bad we can't freeze them and then fast forward through the teen years. Alaina is headed there way too fast for me. I get gray hair just thinking about it. Oy!

Hugs to you all!


I had to giggle a little too about T's reaction. Glad he was ok though.

Also really glad it was an easy procedure for you. That's great.

May you get good results back soon.

Hurrah for all the big tests being over.


You had me rolling with the story about T. Glad the procedure went well. xxoo


Glad you BOTH made it through!

If it makes T feel any better, Brent almost passed out when I delivered the placenta after Brody. I'd told the Dr. I wanted to see it, so he held it up, dangling cord and all. Brent had to go outside. HA HA HA!


Well, glad you both made it through! I don't know if I ever mentioned this to you but Doug fainted when I got my epi with Sam. It was tooo funny. It distracted me from the awesome pain I was in at the time. Two nurses had to go be with him and it was just me an the epi guy left. Ah men.


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