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April 20, 2006


Salome Ellen

Don't forget -- Arwen was on almost-bed-rest for two weeks, and her clot resolved. Praying for another one just like the other one!


I continue to pray for the baby and all of you. Forgive me for sounding ignorant, I have no experience with blood clots, but is there anything else they can do besides ordering rest to resolve the clot? Like I said before, you have been-are-and will be in my prayers.

Love and blessings to you,

la gringa

Thinking of you. . .


So glad all looks OK. Take care sweetie! You have all of my good thoughts and prayers.

Whew. Breathing a sigh of relief here.



My clots looked huge on the screen - at least the size of the baby when we saw them at 7.5 weeks - and they resolved themselves! I'll pray that your clot does the same.


Always thinking about you! I'm so glad the heartbeat was there, beautiful and strong. I don't know anything about clots either but I'll keep my fingers crossed that it goes away. Glad you can take it easy. Hey, enjoy your rest!


praying for you as always. Trust in His glory and you will find comfort in all of this. And stay in bed!

Sending hugs.


There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said already. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you each night and sending my support from the sidelines.


Ugh. What a ride. I hope things get distinctly less interesting and more mundane as the days pass.


Praying for you, Rebekah, that God will fill you up with his peace.

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