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September 26, 2006



I'm glad to hear you're not as tired and that you're sleeping well now. Keep that up!!

That's so exciting that they're throwing you a baby shower - enjoy it! I hope you've registered some where, so you'll be sure to get the things you need and not just a bunch of cute stuffed animals (although stuffed animals are fun).

Pat your belly for me!


What a relief! It is no fun to be that tired. What you were describing reminded me of how I felt when I was recovering from mono--it took concerted effort to raise a spoon to my mouth.

I've lost track of you due date--is it in only 5 weeks?

Wish me luck. This is teh beginning of cycle two (last month was teh first month off of contraception) and I'm hoping I don't need to start my own infertility journal.


So glad you are getting some of your energy back. Sleep is a glorious thing:)


I'm so glad the sleep thing is improving over there! :-)


Hurrah for you feeling better and for the little one being a ok. Hope your shower is a great time.


Fantastic! It's good to hear you're feeling so much better.

And how wonderful to have a celebration for your baby. Wish I could come. :)

God Bless you.

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