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October 05, 2006



I'll shed a little light on things for you. You will have a safe delivery for a healthy baby and after a day or two, you will leave the hospital, now a family of four.

Just remember to trust the Lord's will and that He will carry you through the uncertainty and the disappointment if things don't happen the way you'd plan.

And again, you'll have a second precious son in your family.

How blessed!


Okay, my "other" response.... If you just take into account that YOU waited over two hours for your appointment, certainly the good dr. was trying to quickly get to her other patients. And she obviously feels that things are going well, so I wouldn't worry about her nonchalance just yet. It will all work out and you have every right to refuse intervention if everything is going well. You, as the patient, have to consent to treatments (including IV). And as long as things go well, I don't think your nurse or doctor will push you, as long as you maintain a reasonable attitude about it (which can sometimes be difficult in the throes of labor, so make sure T knows exactly how to communicate your wants and needs). Any chance you have a doula-friend who'd be willing to be with you?


Actually, Holly, in many NYC-area hospitals you sign a blanket consent when they admit you so they don't need your specific consent for things like IVs, etc. It's how they can keep to the schedule and keep the profits up.

R, call Marcy Spilka on 36th and Lex in Manhattan. She's a chiro who can do the Webster Technique to flip the baby for you. Doesn't hurt (it tickled me), non-invasive, safe for the baby, high flipping success rate.

I'm surprised that your doctor was talking about "not letting you go past" 38-39 weeks. Isn't induction seriously contraindicated for VBAC attempts because of fear of uterine rupture?

Yes, the Lord will take care of you, but He also gave you good research skills to help set things up so you have the best birth possible.

Salome Ellen

IF you have the time to try it, I successfully flipped a breech with a midwife trick -- shoulders and head on the floor, legs and hips on the couch (face up, obviously ;-)) 10 minutes out of every waking hour. I did it in a sweltering, no air-conditioning summer, so should be easier for you. It took about two weeks, and I actually did 20 minutes on, 100 minutes off. And it helped my puffy ankles, too.


Maybe you can get the doula friend to come with you to your "birth plan review" appointment. Can't go wrong with reinforcements. Just a thought.


Maybe you can get the doula friend to come with you to your "birth plan review" appointment. Can't go wrong with reinforcements. Just a thought.


It must be really frustrating, and a little unnerving, that your doctor seems to be blowing you off. The most important aspect of a birth plan is that it is a *communication tool* between a pregnant woman and her birth attendant. Why is she not hearing your need for a conversation about your hopes and dreams for YOUR BIRTH?

If this doctor is unwilling to hear your concerns now, on a regular day when pregnancy is going well, mom & baby are healthy, etc...then I would wonder how she would handle your feelings/concerns if pregnancy and labor *weren't* going smoothly.

Also, she kept you waiting for so long. She is busy and she rushes you. I would wonder if this is a view into how she manages birth as well?

The women who raved about this doctor, did they have the same desires as you for their births? What one woman considers a 'good doctor' might not be true for you.

I'm not trying to stir up anxiety in you, I just HEAR your anxiety coming through. I think your gut is telling you something really important and that you should feel invited to speak with your doctor about these feelings. It is possible to choose a new doctor or a new OB practice. Listen to know what you need to feel safe enough to give birth. And, studies show that women who feel SAFE and as undisturbed as possible often birth easier.

If you decide to stay with this doctor and in this practice, I want to share something I've learned in my childbirth training:
Use your "BRAINN" when making decisions about procedures or interventions in pregnancy or labor:

B - What are the Benefits?
R - What are the Risks?
A - What are the Alternatives?
I - What is your Intuition telling you?
N - What if we do Nothing?
N - What happens Next?

With these questions, you will be prepared to make good decisions for yourself and not feel forced into making decisions that further the doctor's agenda or comply with hospital policy simply for policy's sake.

I also recommend the Dr. Sears Birth Book. They go over the use of a birth plan and how to discuss these issues with an OB so that you build rapport and don't ruffle feathers. I know from experience there is a fine line between standing up for yourself and creating an adversary!

If you want to talk about this more, send me an email, okay?

Love to you.

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