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October 11, 2006



One of my friends mentioned the other day that she'd just gone to a surprise baby shower for someone expecting #4, and a bunch of friends had gone in together and hired the services of a professional organizer as a gift for the expectant mom. What a great idea! I'd heard of people hiring chefs to stock the freezer with homemade meals, and recently a bunch of my friends and I hired a housekeeper to clean a friend's home while she was in the hospital, but getting an organizer in to help with the nesting is brilliant.

Actually, I think you're quite lucky that you have a nesting instinct. Mine never appeared; I think I may be missing the housecleaning chromosome. You'd certainly think it if you saw my house now... it's suffering badly from the multiple vacations we've taken over the past two months. It's getting embarrassing, and yet I haven't gotten around to devoting a day or two to making it presentable again.

Hope you're feeling C-A-L-M soon.


Ooooh, I like Summer's friend's idea. I'd get pregnant again for a gift like that! LOL

I've already told you but I was totally psychotic during Anna Sofia's pregnancy. Much more so than the others. And I've had a rougher time with hormones post partum too. I know it will pass. Yours will too!


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