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October 08, 2009


Amy F

I wonder if you could referrals to specialists who could help, like a nutritionist? I think a lot of walking and kegels would be a decent start on the fitness end. Assuming I'm able to get pregnant again, I'll probably have a hospital birth to avoid a NICU transfer and I'm already mourning the loss of exactly the midwifery care you're referring to. I hated tracking food, but I needed that kick in the pants and knowing the midwives would ask how much I was moving around and what I was eating. Maybe you could buddy up with an accountability partner to give each other that support and know someone was counting on you.

Salome Ellen

Squat! Never bend over to pick up anything; squat instead. Even if you have to drag yourself up with your hands at first, or even get somebody else to help you. And the walking is good. (My advice credentials -- six kids, all natural deliveries, four with midwife, ALL when I was overweight -- I actually LOST weight in one healthy pregnancy --, and all when I was over 30.)

Jeanette is your $$$ situation? I wonder if you could contact some midwives (or even really experienced doulas) to see if you could set up an arrangement for some sort of concurrent prenatal care that would specifically address the issues that are not covered by your OB care - best of both worlds?

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