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February 04, 2010


Jen H.

Well, at least you got to stage a trial run of everyone coming to help! Sorry things slowed down again though. Hang in there. If you're talking about diarrhea (upset stomach), then that can definitely be an early labour sign. It was for me with my first birth, just after my water broke. But I had a friend just last week who lost a bit of mucous plug, then two days of diarrhea, then her baby was born the following day. So, you never know. Thinking about you lots!


your body is definitely warming up. flu-ish signs can mean labor is imminent - body wants to purge and streamline for the work ahead. stay hydrated, especially recharge or emergen-c for electrolytes. i also recommend a project! a mobile for the baby, get photo albums up to date, choose your birth announcements, do time capsule with the boys about waiting for their baby to come, bake a cake...something to draw you in.

thinking of you!


Thinking about you, lovie! Sending you lots of love and happy birthing vibes. xxoo


I keep checking your blog feed, and then marking it "unread" until I can get back to make a comment, and thinking, "if I don't comment soon, my first one will be welcome baby!"

I'm thinking of you. I hope these last few days go as easily as possible. It's good that the trial run went well, right?

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