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February 09, 2010



If your baby needs to snuggle in just a bit longer, try to see it as a gift. You are so comfy and warm, he doesn't want to leave! And once he is born, he belongs to the world. For now, he is all yours.


Lots and lots of love to you. A ripe baby and body is a labor that should be more efficient. :)
My Rx: massage/pedicure, date night with husband with yummy food and wine and some lovin', warm bath with candles, and a good night's rest.
Start tomorrow morning outside in the sun for at least 15 minutes. Just sitting, soaking in the sun's rays, and communing with baby. It will be on of the last times you do that with baby in your womb, so enjoy.


Hang in there! It's impossible not to get some date stuck in your head, whether it's the due date or the date you had your last baby or whenever... and when you pass it, it's tough! It's okay to have a breakdown/pity party every few days. You just have to release those emotions so you can move on to being at peace for being pregnant for a few more days. Your body is so wise, it has a really good reason for spending so much energy to keep baby in. Baby must still be working on something important in there!

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