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March 13, 2010



Talk girl. Talk and talk and talk. You have to. we will listen. always.


If you don't still have my cell phone number, I'll email it to you. If you want to talk, I'm available to listen.

Still praying and loving you all from a distance!


This is your place. Your domain to say what you want, when you want. Of course you are grateful with the outcome, but the experience of giving birth was its own journey and it is also important. I always say that a healthy mama and baby is the most important, but not the ONLY important part of birth. The birth belongs to the baby, but giving birth is your story.

We stand on a threshold between life and death to bring life into this world. It takes courage to do this and women deserve to be heard if they want to share. Don't ever feel bad for working it out here. But it is a private, intimate experience so be gentle and cautious. I have had my own story ripped to shreds by sharing it in a public place and I would hate for you, in this tender place, to have a similar experience. You deserve better than that.

Like I told you privately, I am here to listen. We can do some birth art to process too when we get together if you want.


Please don't ever apologize for wanting to talk this through. Is the road less difficult, just because the destination is beautiful? I don't think so.

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Good Luck..

Laura R

Babe, totally here for you, ready to listen (read) when you are able.

Love, love, love to you :)

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just talk and we're here to listen.

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