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March 12, 2010



That is interesting. I was tethered both times and I just assumed it was the way of the game?? I had no idea you had the option not to be tethered! I assumed it was not because they didn't trust someone to grab below, it was a just-in-case-measure of awake surgeries.

Sorry that this birth continues to be a source of stress for you.

Thinking of you



Wow, shocking to hear this. I'm thinking it was for everyone's safety?

God bless you. I've been praying for the trauma of the experience to fade through God's abundant grace.

Love you, friend.



Maybe ICAN or another group that can help you process all of this? I think I had PTSD after Aden's birth and I really feel for you, having such a rough birth and having to process it all... thinking of you often.


Processing is good. I definitely had some post-traumatic stress after the kids' birth/hospitalization, and it's a long process.

I was tethered, too. But it's different when it's standard practice (as it was at our hospital) than when it's not. And regardless, I still feel weepy and upset when I see people reaching up for their babies during c-sections. I wish I could have done the same.


I hear you deeply and honor you.
I asked not to have my arms strapped down for Kaia's birth and it made a world of difference to feeling HUMAN.
Yes, everyone has the right to request this. It is to keep the "sterile field" sterile but I don't know of any mama who wants to reach into their incision! I do, however, know that most mamas want to reach for their babies after they are born.
And, if they are really worried about sterile field, then let the mama wear gloves.
loving you and sending you healing - on your OWN time.

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